Escape Room Fun

Escape Room Fun · 21. June 2018
Happy Summer! Did you know that thousands of our fellow human beings flock to Stonehenge to view the sunrise, on the summer solstice?

Escape Room Fun · 09. March 2018
Themed after the blockbuster hit movies - SAW the official Escape Room comes to Las Vegas!

Escape Room Fun · 06. February 2018
GQ writer Drew Magary #cantstop #wontstop playing Fireproof Games - for iOS. We played the game and LOVED it!

Escape Room Fun · 20. January 2018
Yep that's right - there are three Escape Room Companies in Breckenridge!

Escape Room Fun · 09. December 2017
Ours is The Fate of the Loquacious Wardrobe! What’s yours?

Escape Room Fun · 06. December 2017
I was in the grocery store last night for 30 minutes and heard four different covers of Last Christmas by Wham! Released in 1984 and featured in countless movies and TV shows - I am now on the hunt for the best cover (in my opinion) stay tuned...